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Since 1989, 

We are manufacturing Indian spices, with a tang of traditional 'Goan' taste. 

Our Product range :

Chilli Powder  ( मिर्ची / मिर्च )
Turmeric Powder  ( हल्दी / हळदी )
Coriander  Powder ( धनिया / धणे )
Garam Masala  ( गरम  मसाला )
Mutton - Chicken Masala  ( मटन - चिकन मसाला ) 
Black Pepper Powder  ( काली मिर्च / मिरी )
White Pepper Powder ( सफेद मिरी )
Cumin  Powder ( जिरा / जिरे)
Sambar Powder ( सांबार पूड )
Urad Papad  ( उडद पापड़ )
Chilli Papad  ( मिर्ची पापड़ )
Pickle Masala  ( अचार / लोणचे )
Pav Bhaji Masala  ( पाव भाजी )
Kurma Masala ( कुर्मा )
Sambar Masala ( सांबार मसाला )
Pulav Masala  ( पुलाव )
Chole Masala  ( छोले )
Gram Flour  ( बेसन )
Lasoon Chutney ( लसूण चटणी )
Metkut ( मेतकूट )
Kadipatta Chutney ( कडीपत्ता चटणी )

Kurma Masala

Kurma (Korma), a popular south Asian Mughlai cuisine, has seen many tweaks and variations world over. Although, generally used with various types of meat, it is also used in vegetarian variations like - the popular Navratna Kurma.

Khedeker’s Kurma Masala, would go well with many variations of Kurma, and you can also adjust it to your taste using your choice of additional spice powders .

Available in -


Kurma Masala 50 gKurma Masala 50 g

Recommended recipe for Kurma

    1. Cook about 500 g of vegetables with little turmeric powder.
    2. In a tsp. of oil, fry pieces of green chillies and make its paste with garlic, ginger and coriander leaves.
    3. Prepare Coconut paste. Cut onion in small pieces.
    4. To partial cooked vegetables add salt and all the above paste.
    5. Cook for 3-4 min on a low flame. Fry onion pieces in a pan on low flame till golden brown colour, add 2 tsp. of Khedeker’s Surya Kurma masala.
    6. Add hot water as required & boil on a low flame for 8-10 min. Churn curd separately & add to kurma. Cook for a while and then it’s ready to serve.

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