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Since 1989, 

We are manufacturing Indian spices, with a tang of traditional 'Goan' taste. 

Our Product range :

Chilli Powder  ( मिर्ची / मिर्च )
Turmeric Powder  ( हल्दी / हळदी )
Coriander  Powder ( धनिया / धणे )
Garam Masala  ( गरम  मसाला )
Mutton - Chicken Masala  ( मटन - चिकन मसाला ) 
Black Pepper Powder  ( काली मिर्च / मिरी )
White Pepper Powder ( सफेद मिरी )
Cumin  Powder ( जिरा / जिरे)
Sambar Powder ( सांबार पूड )
Urad Papad  ( उडद पापड़ )
Chilli Papad  ( मिर्ची पापड़ )
Pickle Masala  ( अचार / लोणचे )
Pav Bhaji Masala  ( पाव भाजी )
Kurma Masala ( कुर्मा )
Sambar Masala ( सांबार मसाला )
Pulav Masala  ( पुलाव )
Chole Masala  ( छोले )
Gram Flour  ( बेसन )
Lasoon Chutney ( लसूण चटणी )
Metkut ( मेतकूट )
Kadipatta Chutney ( कडीपत्ता चटणी )

Then and Now

In 1989, Khedeker Spices was started as a household production unit by Khedeker family. From the very beginning, we emphasized on two most important values - the quality and the nurture of the goodness of homemade food in everything that we make. That is the reason why the care and delicacy has always remained as a core value of everything we do.


We relied heavily on the customer feedback, esp. we took care that we had inputs from the people of various cultures and backgrounds. In early years, we focused very much on making spices by understanding inputs from epicureans and tuning them to serve the needs of everyone.


In the years that followed, we gathered love from people, and started expanding into a bigger establishment. Over the years, there was a consistent addition of new machinery, processing systems, as well as the expansion of campus. Many people joined us during this beautiful journey and became a part of Khedeker.



In a decade, we were able to establish our own network of distribution and sales, and serve half of the state of Goa. All these years, we were blessed with lot of love from the customers and our product range also grew from just five in basket to almost thirteen!

The beginning

Our first packaging for Indian spice mixes.Our first packaging for Indian spice mixes
Sunil Khedeker ( 2nd from Left) along with the first distribution team. Sunil Khedeker ( 2nd from left) along with the first distribution team
Special moments

A new beginning

In 2002, we shifted our campus to a new location. This campus was relocated keeping sustainability in mind. We love nature and over the years our new campus was covered with a green hue. To meet, converge and harmonize growth of the industry with nature is a journey and an entire new experience in itself, you can read more about it in sustainability section.

At the new facility, we further expanded our production capacity and product range. The new campus has 'in- house' Quality assurance facility as required by PFA and other food standards. We carry out routine quality testing to give consistent quality products for everyone. Here are some of the glimpses of our new campus.

Present campusPresent campus
Present packaging facility. Present packaging facility
Food testing laboratory. Food testing laboratory
A complete side view of the present campus. A complete side view of our present campus
Partial top view of production facility. Partial top view of production facility
New 'Papad' production facility. New 'Papad' production facility