~ delighting food culture ~

Since 1989, 

We are manufacturing Indian spices, with a tang of traditional 'Goan' taste. 

Our Product range :

Chilli Powder  ( मिर्ची / मिर्च )
Turmeric Powder  ( हल्दी / हळदी )
Coriander  Powder ( धनिया / धणे )
Garam Masala  ( गरम  मसाला )
Mutton - Chicken Masala  ( मटन - चिकन मसाला ) 
Black Pepper Powder  ( काली मिर्च / मिरी )
White Pepper Powder ( सफेद मिरी )
Cumin  Powder ( जिरा / जिरे)
Sambar Powder ( सांबार पूड )
Urad Papad  ( उडद पापड़ )
Chilli Papad  ( मिर्ची पापड़ )
Pickle Masala  ( अचार / लोणचे )
Pav Bhaji Masala  ( पाव भाजी )
Kurma Masala ( कुर्मा )
Sambar Masala ( सांबार मसाला )
Pulav Masala  ( पुलाव )
Chole Masala  ( छोले )
Gram Flour  ( बेसन )
Lasoon Chutney ( लसूण चटणी )
Metkut ( मेतकूट )
Kadipatta Chutney ( कडीपत्ता चटणी )

Act of giving

Perhaps, many people would be surprised by the inclusion of social responsibility inside sustainability , but for us sustainability is not some stereotypical enterprise term, but it is much beyond it.  And, it encompasses a very large sphere of life, and society is a part of it.

They call it as “Social responsibility” of an enterprise; we call it as ‘Our little contribution’. Because we believe,

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” - Mother Teresa

Hence, we would like to say everything about social activities in very few words –

  • We interact and contribute in our little manner with various social organizations like orphanages, old age homes.
  • We also help many farmers with little produce to earn more profits by cutting the agent chains.
  • We help local cultural organisations in their activities.

Since, goodwill is the matter of heart we seldom talk about it. In fact, owners at Khedeker were very keen on not including any section about social responsibility, and finally, only agreed to do so as a formality expressed in few humble words.

But, if we are into some social initiative where everyone can contribute, we would definitely like to spread the word and would do so through our website and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google +).

“Be Content To Act, And Leave The Talking To Others.” - Baltasar Gracian