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Since 1989, 

We are manufacturing Indian spices, with a tang of traditional 'Goan' taste. 

Our Product range :

Chilli Powder  ( मिर्ची / मिर्च )
Turmeric Powder  ( हल्दी / हळदी )
Coriander  Powder ( धनिया / धणे )
Garam Masala  ( गरम  मसाला )
Mutton - Chicken Masala  ( मटन - चिकन मसाला ) 
Black Pepper Powder  ( काली मिर्च / मिरी )
White Pepper Powder ( सफेद मिरी )
Cumin  Powder ( जिरा / जिरे)
Sambar Powder ( सांबार पूड )
Urad Papad  ( उडद पापड़ )
Chilli Papad  ( मिर्ची पापड़ )
Pickle Masala  ( अचार / लोणचे )
Pav Bhaji Masala  ( पाव भाजी )
Kurma Masala ( कुर्मा )
Sambar Masala ( सांबार मसाला )
Pulav Masala  ( पुलाव )
Chole Masala  ( छोले )
Gram Flour  ( बेसन )
Lasoon Chutney ( लसूण चटणी )
Metkut ( मेतकूट )
Kadipatta Chutney ( कडीपत्ता चटणी )

Requirement of Bio-metric attendance and access control systems

Update 2015_01_01 - Our requirement is fulfilled and this ad is closed


We are looking for Biometric system for time attendance and access control.

We are relying on following features while choosing the system of our needs
1) Webserver ability
2) Wi-fi connectivity (optional)
3) User interface and easy of operation
4) Maintenance and repair
5) Robustness of system as well as the software
6) Related software and its key features (which includes ease of use)
7) Payroll software/features (optional)

Requirement 1

We want our employees to go in and out of the working premises solely using biometric, which would allow us to track their behaviour. This means that if possible, we want to integrate attendance system with access control.

Requirement 2 

We are also looking for an access control system along with surveillance system for a protected room. This room contains valuable raw materials and we want to keep track of who is in and out.

Important criteria

for us is of- intuitive, easy-to-manage user interface and operatibility, both for a user and administrator. 
We want systems that are robust and requires low maintenance. 

Please also mention your existing clients.
Also tell us what is unique about your product

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Mr. V Khedeker